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A family pet is lost every two seconds. Over 10 million pets are lost each year. One out of three pets are lost during their lifetimes.

Micro-chipping your pet offers the best method for identifying your pet if they become lost. The Cedar Bend Humane Society offers micro-chipping by appointment. Please call 319-232-6887 to schedule an appointment with our Medical Technician. $40 per microchip.

What is a micro-chip?

A micro-chip is the size of a grain of rice, which contains an identification number unique to your pet. The micro-chip is implanted between the shoulder blades with a syringe. The process is similar to receiving a vaccination; most animals don’t even react when the micro-chip is implanted.

If your pet becomes lost, a vet or animal shelter uses a scanner to detect the micro-chip. The scanner will provide the unique ID number associated with your pet. This ID number is linked to your contact information in a data bank.

Every pet has a special place in our hearts. Protect yours with a micro-chip.

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