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Planned Giving

Golden RetrieverMemorial and Planned Giving

Leave a legacy today to provide for animals tomorrow.

Your support is a gift of life and hope for hundreds of homeless, abandoned, and unwanted pets who pass through our shelter.

Your generosity is essential to bettering their lives.

Planned Giving” is an all-inclusive term used to describe the many types of gifts an individual may use to continue supporting the
mission of the Cedar Bend Humane Society.
Some of these options include:

  • Outright Gifts – often considered the most desirable type of planned gift as funds may be used immediately.
  • Bequests – gifts granted through your will or trust at the time of your death. The gift may be a set dollar amount or a specific itemized property such as stocks, bonds, land, equipment, etc. Some individuals leave a residual gift, which is a bequest of their estate (or percentage of the estate) that remains after all debts and other obligations are paid.
  • Life Insurance Policies – there are two ways to do this. Name the shelter as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy on which you pay premiums, with the proceeds payable upon your death. The second way is to buy an insurance policy naming the shelter as the beneficiary and make a gift of the policy itself. By donating the policy, an immediate income tax deduction is available to you. In addition, if you continue to pay premiums on our behalf, the premium payments are also deductible.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – trusts are typically used when your gift is $50,000 or more. The body of the trust becomes available to the Cedar Bend Humane Society.
  • Retained Life Estate Agreements – involve a transfer of money or securities in exchange for the shelter’s agreement to pay you a guaranteed fixed income for life. They may also be set up to pay through the lifetime of a second person, such as a spouse or child. The amount of income received depends on the age when the annuity begins. Your tax professional can advise you on how to maximize your tax advantage with this method of giving.

There are many types of planned giving arrangements, whichever one you choose, you always have the option of directing how the funds will be used.

  • An unrestricted gift may be used for the immediate needs of the shelter and animals or it may be set aside for a larger, future project.
  • A restricted gift may be made for a specific purpose that you designate. Some examples include veterinary care for injured animals, spay and neuter program, humane education, or facilities maintenance and improvement.

If you would like the Cedar Bend Humane Society Executive Director, Kristy Gardner, to contact you, please call 319-232-6887.

Thank you for helping to provide for the love and care of homeless animals.

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