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Thank you for your willingness to join us in our efforts to protect the welfare of animals in our community! The purpose of our Foster Program is to enrich the quality of care for our shelter animals, which may be ill, injured, orphaned, handicapped, or unsocialized. The goal of the program is to prepare pets for placement into a loving, forever home. 

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Home Information

Do you own or rent?

What type of home do you live in?
Do you have an area in your home where you can isolate an animal if necessary?

Do you have a fenced-in yard?

House Residents Information

Do any children live in your home?

How many adults (18+), including yourself, live in your home?
Does anyone in your home have allergies?

If applicable, what types of pets live in your home?
Where do your pets spend most of their time?

Are all of the pets listed above current on required vaccinations?

Are all of your animals spayed or neutered?

Foster Animal Preference

What type of animals would you be willing to foster? Please check all that apply.

Injured or Ill
Under socialized
Mother with litter
Are there any other types of animals you would be willing to foster? Please check all that apply

Additional Foster Questions

How long would you be willing to foster an animal?

Are you willing to administer medicines (pills or liquid) if needed?

Policies & Procedures

Foster services are provided strictly on a volunteer basis. No pay benefits or compensation will be paid by CBHS.

General Care:
The Foster Parent must agree to accept personal responsibility for the humane and loving care of shelter animal(s) during their stay in the home. This includes, but is not limited to, adequate shelter, food, water, exercise, general health care, and companionship. Pet food and supplies may be provided by CBHS on request of the Foster Parent.

Veterinary Care:
Arrangements are to be made by CBHS for all required routine and emergency medical care. Foster Parents must get prior authorization for veterinary care for their foster animals. If not authorized, any such expenses are the responsibility of the Foster Parent.

Other Pets:
Household pets must have up-to-date vaccinations before a shelter animal is placed in the home. Many viruses have an incubation period, thus the Foster Parent’s personal pets may be at risk for contagion. Any veterinary expenses incurred for the treatment of household pets are the responsibility of the Foster Parent.

Damage / Injury
CBHS is not responsible for any damages or injuries inflicted by the foster animal to any property, persons, or animals during its stay in the foster home.

Applicable Laws
The Foster Parent must adhere to all leash laws, other applicable laws, and city ordinances regarding the number of animals over five months of age that may live with the Foster Parent. There can be no more than 6 animals in the home- a litter of kittens counts as 1 animal.

Agents of CBHS will be allowed to inspect the premises where the animal is being housed on a yearly basis.

Fostered animals remain the property of CBHS and may not be sold, traded, given away, or adopted out by a Foster Parent.

Designated Foster Period
If animal(s) are placed in foster care for a designated period of time, the animal(s) will be returned to CBHS at the end of that period or earlier at CBHS request.

Undesignated Foster Period
If animal(s) are placed in foster care for an undesignated period of time and are considered by CBHS to be available for adoption, the Foster Parent will cooperate with CBHS in the showing of the animal(s) to prospective adopters provided that such requests are reasonable.

Foster Parents may refer individuals as prospective adopters of fostered animal(s) to CBHS. While the recommendations of the Foster Parent shall be given every consideration, the final decision about an appropriate adoptive home is made by and through CBHS.

The purpose of placing animals in foster homes is to give them a chance at life that they might not have had. However, the disposition of the anima(s) in foster care remains the responsibility and is at the sole discretion of CBHS

Emergency Protocol

On occasion, foster animals have medical emergencies that happen outside of normal hours of operation, 9:00AM - 5:00PM. Please note that if you make the decision to take the foster animal to a veterinary facility without prior approval from CBHS, we will NOT be responsible for any of the costs incurred. 


Please review your application and make sure everything is correct.

By electronically signing below, you certify the information you provided in this application is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

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