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Memorial Garden

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The Cedar Bend Humane Society Memorial Garden is available to anyone wishing to have a last resting place for their pet. The cemetery is on the Humane Society campus. It is a fenced acreage, which includes lilac bushes, rose bushes, and a center garden with a bench for rest and reflection.

If you wish to have your pet buried in the Memorial Pet Cemetery, you will need to purchase a plot. Flowers are permitted during designated holidays. Memorial headstones are also available.

The Cedar Bend Humane Society offers a time before each burial for the family to have a memorial ceremony or viewing.

Burial Costs

Body Burial

Prices for a plot and body burial cost between $260 - $460. The cost depends on the size of the pet. For additional pets, adding cremations to a body burial plot costs $135 to $195 since the plot has already been established.

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Cremation Burial

Prices for a plot and private cremation burial cost between $260 - $320.

Memorial Headstone

Granite headstones cost $200. This includes a standardized size, lettering, and one picture. Additional sizes, lettering, and features may include additional costs.

Memorial Headstones Order Form (PDF)

Memorial Decorations

Flowers are permitted during designated holidays. Decorations may be placed on grave sites 5 days before and remain until 5 days after the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Decorations will also be allowed on grave sites continually from Thanksgiving through April 1st. Flowers and decorations will be removed for spring clean up in early April.

Private Cremation

The pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a velvet prayer bag.  Prices range from $85 to $145 depending on the pet’s weight.

Mass Cremation

The pet’s ashes will not be returned. Prices range from $40 to $60 depending on the pet’s weight.


The Cedar Bend Humane Society has a trained and compassionate staff to offer euthanasia as a public service for families who have pets nearing the end of their quality of life.

For additional information regarding these services, please contact the Cedar Bend Humane Society at 319-232-6887 or email CBHSAdoption@mchsi.com

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