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Pets in Need

The Cedar Bend Humane Society (CBHS) is an open admission shelter. Animals come to us in all kinds of conditions. Many arrive at our door dirty, matted, and neglected. Some are injured, ill, and require immediate medical care. Here are some of their stories:

Pets in Need

  • Boris Needs Surgery!

    BorisBoris is a Chihuahua terrier mix who was surrendered to the shelter with a broken jaw.  He was examined by Companion Animal Clinic and it was determined Boris was in extreme pain. He needed immediate surgery. 

    Cedar Bend Humane Society rushed Boris to Iowa Veterinary Referral Center in Des Moines for emergency surgery! This emergency did not allow time for CBHS to raise funds prior to his surgery. 

    CBHS will have expenses for this one pup between $3,200 to $3,500. This will cover up-front surgery costs, follow-up care and rehabilitation. The surgeon will attempt to repair Boris' jaw. There is no guarantee on the success of this operation due to the severity and nature of the break. It may be necessary for the doctor to amputate a portion of his lower jaw. We are keeping our fingers crossed his surgery will be successful. If amputation is necessary, the doctor has assured us that Boris will be able to adapt. 

    We are extremely confident Boris will make a full recovery. The Cedar Bend Humane Society is asking you to open your heart and help pay for Boris' lifesaving surgery. Every dollar matters! Every dollar counts! Any donation in any amount is appreciated, and will offset the cost of his medical expenses.

    Boris' surgery is scheduled for December 13th. We will keep everyone updated on the results of his surgery on our Facebook page. 

    Please help us give Boris a fighting chance and a happy holiday season!

    Click on the heart  to donate online (please indicate in the Honor or Memory box that your funds support Boris' surgery) or mail your donation to Cedar Bend Humane Society, Attn: Boris, 1166 West Airline Highway, Waterloo, IA 50703.

    Thank You!


    UPDATE December 14th

    Thank you for helping Boris!
    Boris is a little dog that was surrendered on December 13th. He was rushed to Des Moines for surgery to repair a broken jaw. We are happy to report his surgery was a success!

    The Iowa Veterinary Referral Center in Des Moines performed the surgery and were unsure if they could repair the extensive fracture. The CBHS is happy to report that surgery was a success. The veterinarian team was able to save his jaw! Boris has a long recovery ahead of him (4-5 months) and will have to take his meals by syringe for a while but eventually should have normal use of his jaw and mouth!

    Thanks to all of our great supporters we have received $4,800 since yesterday to put towards his surgery and future medical costs! Thank you for helping us to help Boris!

    We will continue to post updates as Boris recuperates!

    Thank you!

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