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Barn Cat Program

Black and white cats by a barn

CBHS Barn Cat Program

If you have a working barn or safe protected outbuilding, there are cats who need you!  Save a life and adopt a barn cat today!

Hundreds of outdoor, un-socialized cats enter our facility every year, these cats will never be able to be adopted as pets. Many of these cats were found as strays, they may be feral, semi-feral, or cats who have other behavior issues that make them “unadoptable” and unsuitable as indoor pets.

The CBHS created The Barn Cat program to give these cats a second chance. Without barn adopters, they have nowhere else to go. These cats are healthy, and in return for a safe and comfortable environment, they can become a working cat in your barn!

These cats require minimal care and provide a great service as they are a natural deterrent to mice, moles and barn vermin. Adopting a barn cat is also a great solution for people who love cats but cannot have them indoors due to allergies! 

CBHS will provide the following for all Barn Cat Candidates

  • Cats will appear to be in good health and have an initial veterinarian exam.
  • Cats will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.
  • Cats will receive a rabies vaccination.
  • Left ear will be tipped for identification purposes.

Barn Cat Adoption Process

  • You must be able to provide a safe environment and protection against the elements. Cats will need to have a means to escape from natural predators such as dogs and coyotes. Ideal locations include: barns, stables, industrial facilities, warehouse’s, residential acreages.
  • A constant supply of food and fresh water
  • Submit a Barn Cat Request Form. Email completed form to CBHSAdoption@mchsi.com, bring the form to CBHS or stop in to fill out a Barn Cat Application. 
  • A commitment to monitor and provide for their safety and well-being
  • Cost is $15.00 per Barn Cat. (Fees help to cover medical costs of cats designated for the Barn Cat program).

Once your application request is received, you will be contacted by a CBHS representative to discuss available barn cat candidates that will meet your needs and be suitable for your individual facilities.  If there are currently no suitable matches, you will be placed on the wait list and contacted as soon as one becomes available.

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