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29 Animals Rescued from Chickasaw County Hoarding Case

May 25, 2022

Cedar Bend Humane Society assisted the Chickasaw County Sheriff and New Hampton Vet Clinic Monday in removing 23 dogs and 5 cats from a residential hoarding situation. Animals inside the home were kept in deplorable conditions, some living in crates and others loose in the home. These unsanitary conditions were by far one of the worst we have ever witnessed.

The 29 rescued animals arrived at the shelter Monday night covered in feces and urine with the smell being nearly unbearable. We did all we could to give them a clean and comfortable first night with us and gave them the day to decompress as many of them are terrified. We suspect that many of these poor souls have not been outside of their crates or the home in a very long time. We have begun the process of evaluating each one to determine their individual medical needs and make sure they all receive a good bath and grooming and begin treatments for parasites. They do appear as though they had been regularly fed and are at a good weight. However, the filth they were living in was truly heartbreaking.

Their breeds, sizes, and ages all vary. Over half of them are seniors, making finding loving homes for them as soon as they're medically able even more crucial. CBHS is committed to giving each one of them the care, love, and advocation they deserve until they are able to experience life outside of filth and confinement.

Each of these 29 animals has lived through a horrendous ordeal and we need your help to ensure their future is filled with hope, love, soft warm beds, and a loving family. The medical needs of each one will vary and it will be a tremendous hit on the shelter's limited resources. 

They all suffer from internal parasites (roundworms, whipworms, & tapeworms) and fleas, and many will need to be spayed or neutered. During their arrival, we noticed tumors, poor dental, and some struggling to walk properly. We are sure we will discover other medical ailments once our veterinarian and medical team are able to evaluate each animal individually.

Cedar Bend Humane Society has the physical supplies necessary, but what we are lacking are the immediate funds to provide all of the medical care they will require. Please give what you're able to help us, help all 29 of them.

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A heartfelt thank you to the Chickasaw County authorities and New Hampton Vet Clinic for their great efforts in rescuing these pets in need.  

Press release by Chickasaw County Sheriff

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