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Roger Davis & Bonnie Smith-Davis sponsoring Sky & Fiona!

Aug 18, 2021

A heartfelt thank you to Roger Davis & Bonnie Smith-Davis for sponsoring Sky & Fiona!

When Roger Davis stopped in to choose a cat to sponsor, his heart led him to our longest resident, Fiona. Fiona is an independent kitty who is most comfortable laying back and enjoying the scenery. Thank you Roger for helping us afford Fiona' ongoing care while she waits for her next home.

Bonnie Smith-Davis, the author of Tales of Our Boys and Other Critters, stopped by to meet our lovely little lady, Sky! Bonnie and Sky felt an instant connection to each other and Bonnie knew right away that Sky was the pup that needed her the most. Bonnie's kennel sponsorship will help the shelter afford the cost of Sky's leg amputation surgery. Thank you, Bonnie, for your ongoing support and for making a big difference in Sky's life.

Bonnie Smith Davis is an author expressing love, connections, and growth through the power of nature and animals. 
Follow Bonnie on Facebook and be sure to stop by Amazon to check out her book, Tales of Our Boys and Other Critters!

Thank you both for your sponsorship of two deserving animals.  

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