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CBHS Offers Office Cat Program

Jan 02, 2020

Binx Uses the Copier

Do you have a pet-friendly office seeking a new temporary employee? Cedar Bend Humane Society is seeking local businesses to hire (foster) temporary workers to fill the position of “Office Cat” until a permanent position (adoption) can be secured.

Cedar Bend Humane Society is offering an “Office Cat” program. The shelter will select an adoptable cat, or you may select one, with the appropriate temperament for your office.

What will you need to provide?
     Social media exposure for the office cat
     Litter / food / litter box / toys / bed
     Assisting in finding the cat a new home with CBHS adoption approval
     Daily care and tender loving care

What will Cedar Bend Humane Society provide?.
     Adoptable cat
     Veterinary and medical care
     Transport crate
     Business recognition on CBHS social media
It’s a win-win situation. The shelter cat experiences freedom, comfort, and enrichment outside of the shelter. You supply exposure for the cat to help them find a permanent home.  This also provides additional room at the shelter, allowing CBHS to save more lives. Rehoming is a top priority of Cedar Bend Humane Society. Fostering pets outside of the shelter is a very successful way of doing this.

Business employees benefit from pets in the workplace by decreasing their stress and increasing job performance. Pets are great morale boosters and studies indicate they help lower absenteeism.

The adoption fee is $35 payable to the Cedar Bend Humane Society when a permanent home is found. Once you select your office cat, the Cedar Bend Humane Society will feature your business and office cat on our Facebook page and blog - Cedar Bend Scoop. 

Please contact the Foster Coordinator at 319-232-6887 or CedarBendAdoptionCounselor@gmail.com  if you would like to hire an “Office Cat.”

CBHS Office Cat Application and Waiver

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