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Surrender a Pet

Puppy and Kitten

We understand the difficulties life can bring. You may be facing changes financially, medically, and with your living arrangements. If you find the need to surrender your pet because of these challenges, we hope we can help.

If you need to surrender your pet, please call 319-232-6887 to schedule an appointment. Scheduling an appointment helps to make sure we are prepared for the arrival of your pet, to make sure we have an available kennel, and the necesaary resources to best care for your pet. Please bring your pet to the intake building, Monday through Thursday, located on the Cedar Bend Humane Society campus, 1166 West Airline Hwy., Waterloo, IA.

  • Please provide applicable veterinary records if available.
  • Please fill out our pet personality profile prior to your appointment. See the personality profile links below.  If your pet is placed up for adoption, this form will help us to find a home that best suits its needs.

       Feline Personality Profile

       Canine Personality Profile

There will be a surrender fee, per animal, to help cover costs such as food, medical care, bedding, and toys. 

Surrender Fees

Owner Surrenders:
  • All owner surrenders will be by appointment only. If you wish to surrender your personal pet, please call 319-232-6887 to make an appointment.
  • Owner surrenders will be accepted Monday through Thursday.
  • $45 per animal (cats, dogs & rabbits)
  • $45 per litter (litter is defined as two or more animals under the age of three months. If the litter is four months and older, the fee is $35 per animal).
  • $45 per group of pocket pets (mice, small birds, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils)

Stray Animals:

  • No charge for stray animals coming in from Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Black Hawk County.

Incorporated City Stray Fee: Denver, Dunkerton, Elk Run Heights, Evansdale, Gilbertville, Hudson, Janesville, Jesup, LaPorte City, Raymond.

  • $20 for citizen (per animal, or per litter)

Un-Incorporated City Stray Fee: Dewar, Eagle Center, Finchford, Glasglow, Washburn, Voorhies

  • No charge 
Out of County Stray Fee:
  • The Cedar Bend Humane Society is not able to accept out of county strays at this time. Please contact your local humane society, police or sheriff's department for assistance.

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