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  • Miss Pickles & Helga1
  • Miss Pickles & Helga2
  • Miss Pickles & Helga3

Miss Pickles & Helga


We are some of the friendliest rats you will ever meet! Our names are Helga and Miss Pickles. We are a cute pair who enjoys sharing treats and naps together! We love to be with humans and enjoy spending time lounging around. We would make wonderful first pets for any family! Contact Cedar Bend to see if you can take us home!

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  • Norman1
  • Norman2
  • Norman3



They call me Norm, Norman, or Mr. Norm, usually. I'm a handsome rabbit who is looking for a place to call home. I am fairly young, I am a little bit shy, however, I enjoy being held and petted. I've got silky, soft fur and I'm covered in brown spots! If you're interested in taking me home, contact Cedar Bend today!

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  • Ralph & Donnie1
  • Ralph & Donnie2
  • Ralph & Donnie3

Ralph & Donnie


We might not be fighting crime like the Teenage Ninja Turtles are, but we are equally as fun! Our names are Ralph and Donnie. Ralph is a red-eared slider and Donnie is a similar unknown breed. We are searching for a home that is knowledgeable on turtle care and will love us! If you are interested in adopting us, fill out an application!

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