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Lost and Found

The Cedar Bend Humane Society is the only full service animal shelter located in the Black Hawk County area.  Many stray animals come through our doors on a daily basis. Last year alone our animal control department reunited approximately 750 animals with their families within our community.

Holding times on animals vary depending on the location the animal was picked up from.

  • Cedar Falls: Five consecutive days
  • Black Hawk County: Five consecutive days

Animals coming from outside of Black Hawk County do not have to be held for any set amount of time and may be dispositioned immediately after arrival.

If you are missing a pet we strongly encourage you to check with us immediately. Our shelter provides municipal pound services for the City of Cedar Falls and the county of Black Hawk. If you live in any of these areas, it’s likely your stray animal will end up with us. 

Our Services - Lost and FoundThe Cedar Bend Humane Society's intake and stray building operates between 8am-5pm  seven days a week. Although we will record a lost report for anyone missing a pet we strongly encourage you to visit our shelter to make sure your pet is not being held in the stray department. Because we want to make sure you get the right pet back, you must come to the shelter in person to identify your pet and claim him/her.

You will want to check back every other day to see if your animal comes in after leaving a lost report. Don’t give up! Some pets have been returned to owner’s months after they disappear.

If you are missing an animal from the City of Cedar Falls or the City of Waterloo, contact Waterloo Animal Control at (319) 291-4440 ext 4.